Check It Out

Did you all see Mary's post on layering 2 cardigans? Check it here. I tried it out yesterday and today and I am sure this is my new favorite trend.

Shade is offering an extra 25% off of their clearance items, and free shipping.

Oh, and the LOFT is offering a BOGO deal on their sweaters (only good until the end of today). See Mary's picks here.


  1. How have I never thought of this? I wear cardigans nearly everyday, but don't think I've ever layered them. Brilliant! Thanks for the tip!

  2. That's what I said! I give all the credit to Miss Mary (I hope you read her post)!

  3. Madeline, have I told you how wonderful you are recently? If not, here it is: you are the best! Where would my little blog be without all of your support? {My guess is... nowhere. :)}

  4. My first thought was, "Hey, I've seen Micehlle Obama do this!"

  5. Mary, I keep wondering who's thoughts I would pilfer if you weren't around. haha. This is a really a win-win!

    That's a good call, Kate. Lady Obama is a fashion Genius. It has been decades since we have had a first lady who I envy fashionably.


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