Spied: Ruffle Trim Sweater Cardigan

I stumbled across this last night, and sigh, it's almost perfect.

Ruffle Trim Cardigan Sweater - $15.80

I am so in love with the shape of this and I know I have seen similar things at other (more expensive) stores before.

I do have a problem, er, maybe that's the wrong word, an observation about Forever 21. For some reason they seem offer their cardigans in basically only two colors: charcoal and purple. This includes their men's cardigans! My husband has been pretty open to the whole cardigan sweater thing, but I don't think, no, I know he wouldn't be caught dead in a purple cardigan. And as far as the ladies' sweaters go, I just want a little color variety. I own about a billion grey cardigans, and I fear purple may not be so timeless or versatile in my wardrobe as other colors.

I can tell you now that if this were available in white, cream, beige, or brown I would snatch it up in a hurry (I have a warm color cardigan void to fill). This doesn't stop the shape and price from being amazing, and grey from being one of my favorite neutrals.... so someone go forth and purchase!

Happy Shopping!


  1. www.tulle4us.com has an entire inventory chock-full of colorful cardigans - not a neutral in sight! Try them!

  2. I agree. A lot of times I get my cardi's at Target- they seem to have more colors. - Natalya of Wear Necessities

  3. I agree, I love Forever 21, but their color selection does lack alot... especially in the cardigan department. I tend to go to H&M alot to get cardigans because they always have such an amazing selection of color.

    Anyways, this cardigan is so cute.. and less than $16. Wow! You find the best things!!



  4. I totally agree!! They never have good color selections. ALSO, I bought a cardi from there less than a year ago and it has a hole in it now. Just randomly got a hole in it, awesome quality. But what can we expect for such cheap prices? Anyway, I want to replace it with another Navy cardi but I've yet to find one I love.

    The ruffles on that too cute!


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