Sales of Note

A few sales to take note of:

Find the entire sale section here. I love the detail on this top.

Pretty Poinsetta Top - $9.99 (Orig. $24.99)

Find the Shade's sale section here. I have been eyeing this skirt since seeing it paired with different outfits at Cable Car Couture. Now that it's $13, I am all over it.

Shirred Floral Skirt - $12.99 (Orig. $36.50)

Make sure to check out the sale sections at both stores, there are great deals to be found! What do you think? Have you found any other great after Christmas deals to share? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!


  1. thanks so much for letting us know! I've been eyeing that adorable ruffle trench coat and I absolutely couldn't pass it up at $24!!! You made my day!

  2. I bought the floral skirt from Shade. I love the way it looks and the fabric but I didn't like the high waist. I like a skirt that sits lower on the waist. It is very cute but didn't work for me.

  3. Sarah- I am so glad!

    Angela- the high waist with a full skirt is exactly what I like about it. But that's because my waist to hip differencial is ridiculously high. Any full skirt sitting at the hip makes my hips look huge! If it nips at the waist, it's much more flattering to my figure. In fact I just got back from the store with my new skirt in tow, and I am really pleased with it.

    But, to each their own.

  4. nice :D :D

    hey, follow eachother on bloglovin? :)

  5. Madeline, it's great hearing your feedback about the Cable Car review on the shirred skirt from Shade! Isn't it versatile? I'm with you -- I like it for the high waisted skirt as well. Very complimentary for many different body types.

  6. That's great that it looks good on you Madeline. I wish it looked good on me. I don't have the body type to wear high waisted skirts.


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