Look for Less: Frye Boots & Corsage Tee

I got a little present in my inbox yesterday. Reader, Rachel sent me a message indicating that she had purchased these Frye Boot look-alikes from Target (and that they were on sale):

Frye 'Harness 12R' Boot - Norstrom - $217.95
Mossimo Katherine Leather Engineer Boots - Target - $39.99 (Orig. $49.99)

I think they are crazy similar. What do you think? Are they enough to satisfy your Frye itch?

EDIT: According to Ali at chicibella (who posted on the same boots today.... they say great minds think alike), these boots run a little small. She tried on a size larger than her normal shoe size and with socks, they fit great. Thanks for the tip Ali!

Also, I stumbled across something that really piqued my interest last night. Some of you may remember me making my own corsage tee in the spring (see the post here). But in our DIY, I know we spent about $8.00 on supplies and I spent 5 hours sewing, (ok some of that time was actually crying about the first failed attempt). So, when I saw a corsage tee for just $9.99 I took notice:

Perfect-Fit Scoopneck Corsage Tee - J.Crew - $34.50
City Style Corsage Double Scoop Tee - New York & Co. - $9.99 (Orig. $18.95)

The color palette of the J.Crew shirts is more understated, but I am loving the white and teal from New York & Co.

What do you guys think? Is it a good alternative? Would you wear it?

I would love to hear what you have to say, leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. Ann Taylor Loft has similar tees as well! I believe they're $14.99 and they have about 6-8 colors!

  2. are those really two different boots? they look the same to my untrained eye!

    and yes the tops are cute.

  3. I love those boots! I actually was going to order some in black last Friday, but they were sold out! Bummer! I couldn't get over how similar they were! I did find some really nice black boots at Kmart though for 29.99. They weren't identical, but they were close enough to make me happy!
    I like that shirt. Actually, I like it better than the J.Crew one because the corsage isn't as big. Yep, I definitely like the NY&C one better.

  4. I think it all depends on the trend, I would totally buy the cheaper boots and shirt because they're trendy...but if it was amazing jeans, I'd be willing to spend a little more for quality. I love the boots and the shirt. There are some AMAZING boots at Target right now and I can't wait till I get paid!

  5. The boots look good enough to me, and I love the top, but I wish they'd taken the corsage further up the neckline. I would definitely wear it though.

  6. Great finds! It's always fresh to see other bargainista's finds!

  7. both are great alternatives! especially for the boots, i can barely tell the difference.

  8. What a fun blog! I am so happy I found you!

  9. are they truly leather from Target?! if they are, i'd totally buy them!!! i've been lusting over harness boots for a few YEARS now, and just havnt broken down and bought a good pair!

  10. According to the Target website description they are leather. So that really is a good deal!

    Megan- I know what you mean, I totally love the form of the J.Crew corsage (which is why I tried to recreate it). But I think they NY & Co is a nice compromise.

  11. Wow, those Target boots look VERY similar. I would get them but I'm on the prowl for some affordable riding boots.....Are you still looking too?

  12. Elaine - I am on the same hunt. These Frye's are a bit heave for my taste. A slim black riding boot is calling my name.

  13. I love look a like clothes and shoes. I think I am going to check out those boots at my local target. Thanks

  14. Those boots are so similar! Great find!! And I love the 9.99 shirt!!

  15. I love these boots from Target. I bought them during a pretty heavy downpour and they are completely water proof!


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