Gap Sale: Extra 20%

I don't remember the last time I bought something at the Gap. Wait, it was the summer of '05 and I had a $60 gift card. You better believe I squeezed every penny out of it too. I am not sure why I don't shop here often. I love to play at Old Navy and I fawn over the sophistication of Banana Republic. Gap is my Gap Company poor forgotten middle child. But, here's a good excuse to get back to the Gap:

I found a couple things worth snagging:

1. Supersoft Flutter T - $11.99 (from $14.99 Orig. $29.50)
2. Linen Blend Bomber Jacket - $31.99 (from $39.99 Orig. $69.50)
3. Pintucked Blouse - $15.99 (from $19.99 Orig. $49.50)
4. Poppy Bow Ballet Flats - $19.99 (from $24.99 Orig. $39.50)
5. Verticle Ruffle Top - $19.99 (from $24.99 Orig. $29.50)
6. Real Straight Cropped Jeans - $19.99 (from $24.99 Orig. $64.50) - {thanks to reader, Nancy, for pointing this out one out!}

What are your favs? I am so in love with that Poppy Ballet Flat I could just die. Someone buy them, and tell me how much they love them. Ok? I am on a new budget, ladies. I am always on a budget, but this one involves my hours being cut at work, and me deciding that 80 billion pairs of shoes is enough {for now}. What do you all do when you are on a strict budget to take the edge off the need to shop? Probably not visit my blog, hehe.

Leave a comment, I always love to hear what you all have to say.

Oh, if you decide to order something from the Gap, make sure it's by Friday and to use coupon code EXTRA20 at check out!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. My husband is a pretty big stickler for budgets (before we got married, I was a total spendthrift), so I have a couple of ideas to help you out.

    Instead of giving away seldom-worn clothes immediately, I stash them in the back of my closet. Then, when I need to shop, I can go through my old clothes and pull out things to keep. It's like getting new clothes for free! I also buy something cheap and unneccesary at the grocery store of Target. That way, I'm shopping, but I'm not going out of my way to do it. I tend to do a lot of my shopping online, too, so I try to engage myself in activities that keep me away from the computer, like cooking, cleaning, and knitting. They're engaging, cheap, and useful!

    In case you couldn't tell, shopping is totally my addiction, and I'm working on ways to control it.

  2. I love the linen bomber jacket, although it's hard to buy a summer piece and not wear it. Have you tried selling some of your older clothes and things you don't like any more to a consignment store? Then you can take the cash and go, where else? Shopping!

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  4. i love the flats too, and top number 3, although it would make me look way to chesty.
    i love the clothing exchange idea, i think that's a great way to save. when i don't have the money to shop, i just don't do it. (i'm not so much an addict.) one thing i have learned though is to buy lots of neutral basics and punch things up with accessories. if you can wear your favorite accessory with almost any of your outfits, you're stretching your dollar because you don't have to buy as many. make sense? :)

  5. yay! i just found you today! love what you're doing :)


  6. Anna- Good tips! I sometimes find that when I go through my things I have set aside for donation, I think "did I really put this in there? I want to wear this every day." So, it's a good idea to set some of those things aside and give yourself some time to decide if you really want them or not.

    I actually have a box of things that I intend to take to a buy/sell/trade store. But, it's giving me some anxiety. I think I have a fear of consignment rejection. What if they hate everything I bring in, and tell me that despite the fact that I think I have style, they have decided I have none. I have really over thought this. A lot. hahaha. I really need to just bite the bullet and take in my stuff.

    Oh, and on the note of buying summer clothes out of season. I buy almost everything out of season as I am an avid clearance rack shopper. You can pair a summer dress with tights and boots. Or you can throw a cardigan over any of those light shirts. I do it all the time. This is how I get double duty out of my wardrobe!

    Love your ideas. Great accessories can make the clothes you have seem all that more exciting when paired in the right combinations.

    Thanks for all your feedback!

  7. I am in love with those flats as well. I love flats! If I feel the need to shop but don't want to break the bank, I go thrift shopping. The DI is one of my favorite places.

  8. I just came across your blog. oh boy! this could be bad. :) love what you are doing.

    when i'm craving shopping but on a strict budget i usually buy some small pretty bauble or make myself a skirt justifying it with a 40% JoAnn coupon.

  9. I just discovered your blog and I am in love with your layout and design!!! These are great finds at Gap, I might have to make a trip! :)


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