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I got an email recently from Shara looking for some help,

"I ended up taking a few months off of work.... and packed on 20 pounds. I am in the process of losing weight, but need to fashionably clothe the body I have. Where can I find well-fitting clothes in the sizes of 16-18?"

I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert on plus size fashion. So, I leave the question to you readers. Where do you find the best bang for your buck?

Please leave a comment! Shara and I would love to hear your answers.


  1. Old Navy has really cute stuff, AND it's inexpensive, so she won't be out tons of cash once she loses the weight.

  2. At JCPenny's there are these jeans calle, Common Genes, they only go up to 16 but they fit like an 18, they are super cute and I've found they fit better then Old Navy jeans. Same thing at Kohls, their Gloria Vanderbelt jeans in 16 fit like an 18 and they are super cute in lots of washes; Kohls also has a lot of shirts in XL that fit really well for plus size (plus it makes you feel good!) I know Lanyne Bryant always has cute things and Maurices has plus sizes too. Of course all these places have clearance racks, especially Kohls, can you say 80% off?!

  3. Well being a plus size gal my self, I know the struggle to find fashionable plus size clothes. I have many ideas and sources in my blog
    But my standard favorite places to shop are Marshall's, TJ Maxx, The Rack, Torrid, Lane Bryant and Macy's. All have great plus size clothing that is fashionable and affordable. I always head straight to the clearance rack first them work my way to the other racks. Good luck with your search.

  4. The best source for all things plus-size is It's basically a website that sells clothing from about a dozen different plus-size manufacturers. The prices are great and they have everything from jeans to formalwear. Others to check out are: and These are a little more expensive but have really beautiful pieces, especially igigi. I wish some of their dresses were available in non-plus size because I'd love to wear them! Hope this helps!

  5. There are tons of options for plus size shopping online. I know some people are wary of shopping online, but you can really find some good deals, plus I've heard that many major retailers are taking plus sizes out of stores because of the recession. Grrrrr!!!! Anyway, try There are lots and lots of fashion forward options.

    Trendy Plus Size Fashion

  6. yard sales and thrift shops and consignment shops.

    am a fitness instructor and lots of my "ladies losing weight" use this approach.

    i am always on the lookout to add to my wardrobe on the chic/cheap. also, get a few basic items, then accessorize like crazy. forever 21, h & m, walmart, the dollar store.......

    good luck!

    p.s. happy i found this blog!!!!!


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