How to Wear a Tank Top: Take One

I received this request from amydear via comment a few weeks ago (yes I am a wee behind on requests... I'm getting to them, I swear),

"I was wondering if you would consider posting styling tips for some of the tank tops and sleeveless things you are finding. I assume you're somewhat into modesty, and it would be great to see how you style a cute floral tank or strappy top without baring all. Thanks! "

I wear tank tops for a few reasons. I am often drawn to them because they tend to have details and patterns that are hard to find on a top with sleeves. And I don't mind owning them because I think layering creates visual interest in an outfit.

Initially, I was very excited to do this post. I was just trying to figure out how to best illustrate styling tips. Then, I realized that my good friend Ali (of chicibella) had just started doing photography, {find her blog, bella photos, here} and she offered to take some photos for me. She did such an amazing job! Using some of those photos, I will do several posts illustrating some of my favorite ways to wear tank tops modestly.

Today, I want to talk about embellished tops.

I bought this tank from Old Navy's clearance rack last fall. It's 100% silk, and I got it for $6.

My new favorite way to wear this is under a relaxed v-neck tee.

{old navy embellished tank - $6, old navy grey tee - $10, thrifted black cardigan - $7, wax jeans skinnies - $20, payless kitten heels - $12, downeast necklace worn as bracelet - $7}

Here are a few tanks with trim worth grabbing:

Tulle Trim Tank - Forever 21 - $12.00 (also available in black and pink)
Monsieur Tillier Chiffon Tank - Ruche - $37.00
Racerback Ruffle Trim Top - Forever 21 - $8.80

So, what do you guys think of embellished sleeveless tops? Do you where them? Do you wish you did? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. I think it's adorable! I never thought of wearing a tank top under another shirt -- that's something I'm going to have to try! Usually I just wear mine under a short-sleeved cardigan.

    Great post!

  2. That is such a great idea....I never knew how to wear tank tops but this is so creative! I want to find the same one now.....

  3. I like showing off the ruffle! What fun. That is such a pretty tank; I'd want to show the whole thing. I see those all the time and think, not for me. But maybe I'll have to pick one up now! Thanks. I feel cool that you did my request.

  4. That is such a great idea to wear the embellish top under a simple v-neck tee. Love that!! I dont wear too many embellished tops, but I think I am going to start to now after seeing your post. :)

    Your blog is so great!! I love getting things for a great bargain too. I am always trying to find great stuff for less. Check me out if you want.

    I'm a follower now, so I will be back very soon. :)


  5. I would never have thought of that - so cute!


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