Kate Spade: The Look for Less

I would guess that most of you have seen pictures of Kate Spade's new line, they have been all over the blogosphere. And for good reason. Her styling is SO cute! I found this really great outfit that I wanted to do for less. It was accessorized to the 9's so I only found a few important pieces. I love this outfit, though I find the socks and heels questionable (as discussed on this SYtH post).

Jacket - J.Crew - $69.99 (Orig. $198.00)
Earrings - tinydewdrop's Etsy shop - $13.50
Tiered Ruffle Top - Express - $14.75 (Orig. $29.50)
Socks - Old Navy - $4.50
Bracelets - Forever 21 - $5.80
Shoes - Buckle - $33.16 (Orig. $49.50)

TOTAL : $141.70
(Remember this includes a coat, always an investment piece, so I am ok with it being over $100)

What do you all think? Have you had a chance to look at Kate Spade's line? What do you think of the look for less? Of socks with heels? If you have an opinion, leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. GREAT look. One of your best yet!

  2. I want that shirt from express soooo bad! Love the look madeline. Kate spades new line is adorable:)

  3. I love this look! I really want that jacket! So cute! Great job on this one!

  4. LOVE IT! And I have to say, I think socks and heels (when paired with pants, not skirts) are definitely cute...and warm in winter!

  5. I love the socks on the Kate Spade look. Very cute idea, esp if those are open toe shoes.

  6. Nice work. I love Kate Spade. I am loving those earrings too, Etsy has the best things. I just got this pair of vintage oxfords for like $30 after shipping. And they are too cute.

  7. Just came accross your blog and I love it! So many great outfits pulled together for cheap. I especially love this outfit, it's really cute and the pop of color with the red coat is amazing. I will definitely be following your blog! Keep up the amazing posts :)

  8. I love the outfit, can't see myself wearing socks with heels and the jacket is a-dorable! I want! I must tell you how much I love your blog! Thank you for all your awesome posts!

  9. i dont like wearing socks/tights/ any kind of stockings EVER, but when the temp dips below 60 degrees, i start wearing knee socks with EVERYTHING.
    stripes? LOVE them
    argyle?! EVEN BETTER!!

    especially if they are crazy colors!!


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