Spotted in Silk

This post is a tribute to Madeline.

Not that I am not a bargain shopper, but man Madeline is the queen at great finds! She does such an amazing job for finding you great looks for the best prices. This definitely takes some research, so Thank You Madeline for making our lives a little better and spending all those hours finding us the best.

The Outfit: Under $60

1. Forever 21: Pok-a-dot Silk Blend Top= $19.80
2. Old Navy: Women's Classic-Rise Skinny Jeans= $20.00 (orig. 34.50)
3. Gap: Slingback peep-toe flats= $15.99 (orig. 39.50)

What do you guys think? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!


  1. Very cute. I'm a litle too old for the skinny jeans but I love the top and the shoes.

  2. i really like this outfit and i have the shoes in black and they are great for the price!

  3. SO cute, Ali! I love the yellow shoes and cute patterned top, good finds!

    And thanks for being so nice, but you did a great job with bargains, I am so impressed!

  4. mommamia..
    If you feel like skinny jeans area little too young, i suggest a "straight leg" jean. This way you can wear cute flats and still show then off. I also like Straight leg jeans because they are really slimming.

  5. I am so happy you all like it!!!

    I will post another one next week:)


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