My 5 Essentials

A few weeks ago, my friend Amanda sent me a link to a Today show feature about every woman's 5 fashion must-haves. If you want to watch the video, the link is here.

Their list:
1. Statement Dress, not in black
2. Statement jewelry: cuffs, big chunky necklace
3. Statement shoes that "elevate the outfit"
4. Statement handbag, not in black
5. Awesome jeans

I read through this and decided that I don't own a dress I love, heck, I barely have a dress that I like. Also, I don't feel like my handbag is all that essential. (Although it is apple green and big enough to carry a small child, so I guess that makes a statement...) So, here is my list, customized just for me. A little footprint of my wardrobe if you will.

1. Patterned Tank
You might be thinking, "Really? Essential?". Yes ma'am. I have a few of these and they are truly staples of my wardrobe. (Those of you who know me, can attest to this). I layer them under tees, sweaters, cardigans. Tuck them into pencil skirts, belt them. They add an extra punch to every outfit, and I feel fabulous every time I wear them.

2. Neutral Cardigan
I have an undying love for cardigans (which my older brother has suggested I inherited from my father... and maybe I did). I wear them ALL the time. I have them in every color of the rainbow, in different weights, lengths, and patterns. Never underestimate the cardigan.

3. Darkwash Jeans
I wear dark wash denim nearly every day. I wear trouser jeans and boot cut jeans at work and skinny jeans much of the rest of the time. I also believe that it is the most universally flattering wash.

4. Belt
You all probably know this, but I wear belts all the time. My waist is a part of my body that I really like, so I like to wear belts to show it off. I also love that belts make my wardrobe so much more versatile.

5. Statement Shoe
I love to wear shoes that say something; whether through a bright color, pattern or cut. The other day I was in the ladies room at work, and when I came out of the stall a coworker said, "I should have known it was you." I was wearing leopard print wedges. This was one thing the Today Show's list was right on about; a great shoe can change an entire outfit (and how you feel in it!)

What are your 5 essentials? Think about it then leave a comment!

I am hoping that my wonderful guest bloggers will be telling you about their 5 essentials in the next coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


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