My Apologies!

So, I realize I have been totally out of the blogging world for a week. So, here's where I have been. I drove to Yosemite National Park from Utah on Friday (which was about an 11 hour drive, yikes!) We hiked the park Saturday and Sunday. Then Monday morning I woke up with a stomach bug that was working it's way through my family. While feeling under the weather, we drove from Yosemite to Moss Beach (South of San Francisco on the Pacific Coast) to the most amazing little Inn. It was amazing and mellow and you all should stay there if you get the chance. The next day (Tuesday) we drove to San Francisco, and tried to cram as much into 8 hours as humanly possible. We took the BART, we walked from downtown to Fisherman's wharf, we did Alcatraz, and we took a cable car, and even saw the painted ladies (houses, not real ladies). Then we drove to Berkeley to some random Free-range/Vegan/Vegetarian Italian restaurant (which was really good). It was our 3rd Anniversary after all. And then we drove to Reno staid the night in a questionable Motel 6 and took I-80 all the way home yesterday. It was crazy. But it was awesome. At least I have an excuse that I haven't blogged right?

I guess I am feeling really guilty about missing a week of posts because my annual trip to Alaska is imminent. I am leaving for the commerical salmon season next week and will be ..... without daily internet access for 6 weeks! Not to mention my fashion inspiration will be over sized orange rain gear and goulashes.

I will do my best to post at least once a week. And am hoping for a few friends to help me out with a few guest posts. So, please, don't give up on me! I am so happy to have so many faithful readers, you guys are so amazing. Thanks for allowing me to do this!


  1. I'm going to San Francisco next April and your post has me totally excited to go! I can't wait!

  2. I missed you and am happy to help out :)

    p.s. my word verification is "spitring" I just thought it was funny and that you would want to know :)

  3. Oh Madeline, I am going to miss you madly! I can guest-post if you want.

    I hope I see you again before you give up your adorable heels for "goulashes".

  4. I am going to miss you so so much!!!! I wondered where you went:) sounds like you and steve had a blast- Happy Anniversary! If you would like any more help let me know. We need to have a going away party!?

  5. Thanks for the volunteers. I was totally fishing for them, and I got them, hook, line, and sinker!

    I will contact you all and tell you all to jump, and you will ask how high.... hahahaha. I jest.

    Thanks ladies!

  6. oh wow, good luck on your trip and i'm sorry you had the stomach bug (that's a nightmare!) i'll be here when you return:)


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