A Picture Is Worth {No. 21}

By fashion contributor Mary.

When I first heard of track pants, I thought it was a joke. I saw a post title pop up in my Bloglovin' feed that said "6 Ways to Wear Track Pants" and when I clicked through, I fully expected to see an outfit featuring the bottom half of a velour jumpsuit. (Insert awkward emoji showing all its teeth here.) But I have since learned my lesson.

If you too are feeling a little confused, here's the rundown: track pants are basically a socially acceptable way of wearing pajamas in public (seriously, Merrick even has a tutorial on how to turn actual sleepwear into track pants). They're loose and made of comfortable material, and look like heaven to wear:

I loved this week's inspiration image so much, I did my best to recreate down to the last accessory. My total this week is a little higher than usual (due to the number of items I'm including), but I still managed to scrape in under $180:

necklace, $22 || tee, $20 || tote, $17 || pumps, $28 || pants, $30 || blazer, $37 || watch, $19 || sunglasses, $5

o p t i o n s
pants: one || two || three || four || five || six

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  1. Loving track pants right now. The inspiration photo is perfection! Merrick does such a great job of making trends accessible.
    Also Madeline- JCrew Factory is having 50% off clearance and I saw this sweater that you liked: http://factory.jcrew.com/womens-clothing/sweaters/crewnecks_boatnecks/PRDOVR~A4289/99103360688/ENE~1+2+218+22+4294967294+216+205~~P_new_to_sale%7C1%7C%7CP_priority%7C0~216+17+4294962053~90~~~~~~~/A4289.jsp?isFromSale=true


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