A Picture Is Worth {No. 19}

By fashion contributor Mary.

When it comes to dressing for patriotic holidays, there are those who try to look like they're literally wearing the American flag, and there are those who take a more subtle approach. Personally, I fall in the latter category. I try for an outfit that I would wear on any other day that just happens to contain red, white and/or blue. This week's inspiration image is perfect to me: it's a classically American girl-next-door look, and the red lip is a perfect final touch to a blue and white outfit.

My version is under $120. Just add some red lipstick and you'll look perfect for Independence Day!

sunglasses, $14 || baseball tee, $29.99 || bracelet, $22.86 || jeans, $24.95 || loafers, $24.95

o p t i o n s
sunglasses: one || two
baseball tee: from Asos || from Old Navy || from J. Crew
jeans: for $29 || for $30 || for $35 || for $40 || for $45
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  1. Ooo very good. This is more my approach as well and I have worn my baseball tee to death. Love this combo!

  2. This top is also half off right now. Got it for $15 - score!


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