A Picture Is Worth {No. 20}

By fashion contributor Mary.

This week's inspiration image comes from what is possibly my new favorite fashion blog, Unfancy. Caroline is all about having a minimalistic wardrobe full of items that you just love, which is something I aspire to (and fall short of, constantly. I pare down my wardrobe often, trying only to keep my favorite versatile pieces, but I still end up looking at my closet and wondering why I hate all my clothes).

I love how, in the outfit below, she pairs neutrals together in a way that feels fresh and urban instead of boring. And I think it's a genius move to help different black and brown pieces get along together by throwing in an animal print.

Here, I've put together a similar look for under $100:

glasses, $9.75 || clutch, $26.98 || tee, $14.94 || skirt, $21 || booties, $26.24

o p t i o n s
skirt: one || two || three || four || five
booties: for $40 || for $45 || for $70

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  1. I love this outfit. It's so simple but still so classy!

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