A Picture Is Worth {No. 22}

By fashion contributor Mary.

The sad truth about fashion (at least, when you're shopping on a budget) is that some pieces are truly one of a kind. When searching for look-a-likes this week, I found blue floral skirts and pleated skirts and striped skirts, but none that put all those qualities together exactly like the inspiration image:

However, I did find pieces that echo the feel of the above outfit. (Even though you can't see the model's feet, I threw in a pair of nude wedges. Wedges are easy enough to ride a bike in, right? What shoes would you add to this ensemble?)

blouse, $45|| skirt, $49 || wedges, $55

o p t i o n s
blouse: one || two || three
skirt: stripe || floral || white || embroidery || pin-tuck
wedges: for $19 || for $30 || for $31 || for $34

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