Must Have: Tartan

I am so into plaid right now and I know I'm not alone. I just love this J.Crew shirt and scarf combo. Mixing plaids can be incredibly chic when it's done right. Here are a few pieces to try it out with. 

1 - Printed Woolen Flat - $19.00 (orig. $29.00)
2 - Italian Grid Plaid Cejon Scarf - $24.99 (orig. $34.00)
3 - MNG Plaid Blouse - $24.99 (orig. $35.00)
4 - Fashion Grid Casual Pant - $28.20
5 - Navy Plaid Blazer - $34.99 (I got mine in-store for $24)
6 - Retro Plaid Pencil Skirt - $17.80

I am especially impressed with that pencil skirt.

What do you think about mixing plaids? Would you attempt it?

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