Must Have: Asos Modest Dresses + 30% Off

One of the things I miss the most in the first few months after having a baby is wearing dresses. Asos always pleasantly surprises me with their selection of knee length options.

All of these are under $40:

1 - Midi Smock Dress in Nepi
2 - Midi Dress With Short Sleeves
3 - Glamorous Midi Dress In Graphic Tile Print
4 - Vero Moda Chain Print Midi Dress
5 - Midi Skater Dress In Floral Lace Print
6 - Club L Cap Sleeve Stripe Midi Dress
7 - Glamorous Midi Dress In Baroque Folk Print
8 - Glamorous Midi Dress In Textured Jersey
9 - Midi Dress In Nepi With 3/4 Sleeves

I think 2 & 7 are my favorites, but they are all pretty fabulous.

Enter GIMMEMORE to receive an extra 30% off (ends tonight). Don't forget ASOS offers free shipping on all orders!


  1. Yes! I totally miss my dresses! These are some good ones!

  2. I ordered 3 dresses! Couldn't help myself :)

  3. These posts always get me. I think I've gotten 2 necklaces in the past because of similar posts, and a dress in the past also. Yesterday I got another dress from Asos :)


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