Postpartum Style: Madeline

I didn't write a post on postpartum style before I had Simone because I did it all wrong when I had Tate. I looked sloppy & lumpy & felt like it too. It's been a much better experience for me this time around & I wanted share a few of my favorite tips.

ponte blazer (own it & love it hard)
tall shaft boots (major sale)

It's important to get a pair of basic pants that work for your body post baby. I prefer a jegging with a fly & back pockets. They give the look of a polished skinny jean with all the forgiveness spandex has to offer.

If I could give one piece of advice, this would be it: Woven tops are your friend. The very last thing a postpartum body needs is clingy fabric. Get something with a pretty pattern that floats away from the body. If you are breastfeeding, having a button front is a bonus for ease of access.

Invest in a ponte blazer. It gives the look of structure (including the look of a defined waist, even if you don't yet have one) with the added benefit of mobility.

Nursing necklaces are a great way to add something extra to your outfit without worrying if baby will ruin it.

Cognac knee high boots are a must in any wardrobe. They are ridiculously versatile & will last forever.

What are your best postpartum dressing tips?

In case you missed them, you can find all of our postpartum style posts here.


  1. great tips! pinning for the future! xo

  2. I honestly have to say I love and live in my boyfriend cardigans. I honestly can't imagine wearing anything else. I have my nursing tanks and then the boyfriend cardigan on top of that makes for easy access but is long and helps bring length to the torso and helps slim you. At least that's what it does for me. And I've found TONS at Target.

    I just bought this one and a couple others. Thanks for the postpartum posts I think they're great!

  3. Button front blouses are my best friend, actually anything that buttons, dresses, sweaters, anything. If I feel like being a rebel and wearing something not to breastfeeding friendly I pull out the old nursing cover and call it a day!

  4. Love this. I was the same way with my first ... frumpy and lumpy, but with this one I feel much confident and know that you CAN look cute while postpartum and nursing. Your series helped out so much!

  5. I struggled and struggled with the nursing bra situation. I could not find any at target even though everyone said they have some. All I got from there was nursing tanks. And that is all I have been wearing for 5 months. Ugh!! It was hard to feel pretty without a supportive bra. My mother is so sweet and realized this. For Christmas she got me a nice under wire supportive nursing bra. It took us a long time however to find the right one. None fit me right and every time I put one on I said to myself, "I guess this works for now." Finally, we went to Nordstroms. Once I got into that dressing room it was like angels were singing. I got a nice soft fabric under wire bra that is nice quality and will survive without getting ruined. Not only that but it is a bra I feel comfortable wearing all the time nursing or not. We did spend more money on it but I think in the long run I am actually saving money because it will last longer than those other bras. You should spread the word to other woman. Because I wish I had known before instead of feeling frumpy for the first 5 months. Nordstroms. They will fit you for a bra and if you don't find a nursing bra you like.. they will alter a regular one for you to be nursing bra. How awesome is that???


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