Inspired: Gap Fair Isle & Boots

I haven't been able to get this look out of my mind.

For some reason, not even Gap has that fabulous sweater. That's why I am so excited to see a similar sweater from Old Navy.

Fair Isle Cardi - Old Navy - $40
Ribbed Boot Socks - Bloomingdales - $6.50
Long-Sleeve Crew Neck Tee - JCP - $9
Stacked Heel Boots - Forever 21 - $32.80
Skinny Knit Pants - Forever 21 - $22.80
Chambray Shirt - Coldwater Creek - $11.49

What do you think? Something you would wear?


  1. I LOVE everything about this look! So good dressed!

  2. I've been obsessed with this sweater since seeing this on Gap's website -- and I was super bummed when it final made an appearance on the site only to sell out super quick. But earlier this week I found an almost identical version at Hot Mama -- it's a bit pricier than the Old Navy version but it is pretty spot on.

  3. I have a very similar sweater and I bought it from Target. They may still have it :)

  4. I love the black heels, could you find where to get??....BTW outfit awesome! <3


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