DIY: Frenchie Sweater

Over the last few weeks, I have become increasingly obsessed with dogs on sweaters. It started with this J.Crew sweater and I couldn't let the idea go until I had one of my own. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one for less than $40. I made this one with less than $10 in materials.

white & red vinyl
fabric paint (I used this style)
permanent marker
small paint brush
needle & thread

I printed off this french bulldog illustration and used it as a guide to cut the shape out of white vinyl (I used 1/8 yard of the cheap vinyl from Walmart's fabric section). I cut the bow tie out of vinyl as well, though it could be painted on. I used fabric paint to add the brown spots and marker to put the eyes, nose, mouth, and outline on. Then I hand sewed the dog onto my top with black thread and then the bow tie with red thread.

old navy tee / refashioned - $6 | similar here (great option)
boyfriend blazer / dillards - $15 | similar here | and here
skinnies / forever 21 - $11 | similar here 
coral pumps / payless - $7 | similar here (fabulous option) | and here
vintage earrings / thrifted - $5 | similar here | and here

What do you think? 


  1. you're so amazing at these diys! it looks great. :]

  2. AHHH! I love it!!!!! I'm def pinning this one!

    Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing a Heylee B. Boutique Giveaway! I thought you might be interested.


  3. this tee is awesome. you're awesome!

  4. Okay, such a good idea. Sounds like a pretty simple project too. I can't wait to try this, I've been loving the animal sweaters lately too! You're great.

  5. I am all about these animal sweaters and patterns. Love this outfit. And who could resist a Frenchie in a bowtie?

    1. For some reason Google is not adding my name to comments. Awesome. I am not an anonymous troller!

    2. I think the bowtie is what sealed the deal for me.

  6. I love this!!! I was coveting that JC Sweater as well!!! Your DIY turned out super cute!!!

  7. OMG, I'm dying over this. So cute! That Frenchie is so dapper!

  8. I've been obsessed with the animal sweaters lately, too. Cute!

  9. Seriously?! It doesn't get any better than this--your doggie sweater is the CUTEST. How creative?! You're my shero! LOL


  10. Wow!!! Your's is so much cuter than the J Crew version and so original. You really are brilliant.

  11. OMG you are so dang cute in this sweater! I have to make one for myself ASAP. Very cute blog, I will def. be following :)


  12. Yay! I'm so glad you decided to DIY this! Adorable!

  13. that is the best dog sweater ever!! I love it, and my 4 year old says he wants one too!


  14. I made 2 of these for my kids and they are adorable! my only tip that I figured out for the 2nd one is to use a glue stick, regular washable, to stick down the vinyl before you sew it so it doesn't shift around

  15. very enjoyable blog.then I will follow.
    Waiting for more writings. :))

  16. Wow! I've been wanting a dog sweater foreverrrr. I have two beagles, and really wanted a beagle one, but the only one I could find was like $ way jose. This is awesome! I've got to give it a try! :)


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