Spied: Retro Zigzag Skirt

It's official: Forever 21 is my favorite place to find modest skirts.

Today, I am loving this one.

Retro Zigzag Skirt - Forever 21 - $24.90

I love the color palette and isn't a bit reminiscent of Missoni?

As usual, F21 has come out with a whole new batch of modest skirts.
 Here are a few good ones (all under $25)

Midi-Length Polka Dot Skirt
Pyramid A-Line Circle
Accordion Pleated High-Low Skirt (in a very pretty coral)
Lace Circle Skirt 

Many of the skirts I have featured in the past are still in stock. 
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  1. I really LOVE that!! I looked at it online and when I zoomed in, it looks like it has some texture to the fabric.

  2. ooooh that is really really good!

  3. Such a great find! Who knew Forever21 would have a Missoni-esque skirt? :)


  4. i actually bought this skirt and ive been trying to figure out what to wear with it. any help?


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