Inspired: J.Crew Style Guide + 30% Off

J.Crew put out a new set of looks to love, and well, I love them. Here are some noteworthy pairings (with my favorites marked with a *)

And since we are talking J.Crew, I should mention they are now offering 30% off of their clearance section. (Coupon code | SHOPNOW)

Here are a few things to check out:


  1. these are beautiful, i love them...

  2. The 30% off started in stores last week. I got a Garden Floral pencil skirt for $30 (the original price was $138)!

  3. MMM! I hope that plaid pants come back! I had a killer pair in fourth grade.

  4. Oh J. Crew, how I love thee! :) The top right is my favorite!

  5. I adore - and would wear - all of those outfits except the middle right. Those pants... if only they were a ruffled skirt...
    -Michaela <><


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