Spied: Forever 21 Denim

For Christmas, my mother gave me my favorite kind of gift: a chance to go shopping. A little cash and a lot of time later, I had brand new clothes to bring home to Texas. I was in desperate need of a new pair of jeans, and with deals like these I got two:

Fab Ankle Skinnies - $10.50
Dark Skinny Ankle Jean - $10.50

Due to my petite stature, these hit just at the top of my feet. They are both a light weight (which is ideal for the humidity I live in). I don't imagine they will hold up very well over time, but as I consistently wear out the knees of my skinny jeans within a year, I find that inconsequential. 

I give both pairs a solid thumbs up. 

Any deals or finds you want to share? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. Do you find that these keep their shape through the day? I find that cheaper jeans usually get stretched out in a few hours. Plus,I had heard bad things about F21 denim in the past, so I've been avoiding it.

  2. I am glad that you posted about these because I love them too. I suggest getting them a little bit tight because they do stretch out a bit. But I love them. And at the cheap price I don't get so sad once they fade from the nice dark wash. They have been my go to for skinnies.

  3. i've had the ankle skinnies for two years. they hold their shape better than any other skinny i have! the dark wash has remained dark through many washings too. a great denim at a fabulous price.

  4. @Ashley, They do stretch out a bit. Like Kelli said, I would just buy a size smaller than you normally would. Then, they'll fit fine.

    I am glad I am not the only one that loves these!

  5. actually, my Forever 21 skinny jeans have stayed in better shape and laster longer than my American Eagle and Charlotte Russe jeans! I know I need to start upgrading, but I've also heard that Gap jeans stretch out, and I think that's as high as my budget can go right now! Do you know of any others that may be better quality? Thanks, Lisa!

  6. I had a great experience with J.Crew denim. If you can get to a factory store you can find denim under $60.

  7. Before forever 21 started making these $10.50 jeans they had some that were $12.50 and didn't have quite so much stretch. They were my absolute favorite and I went through two pairs and went back for more and was sad to find these new ones. I'm glad to hear that people like these and I will have to try them out now.

  8. Glad to hear all the positive feedback about their denim. I'll have to try it out.


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