Hair Inspiration: J.Crew

I am looking for some new hair inspiration. Moving to a humid climate has completely changed my hair and the way I think about it. I have made the decision that my beloved bangs have to go. It is far too windy and sticky to manage them and of course my hair is curlier than ever.

As my hair grows a few more inches, I fully intend to channel this unnamed J.Crew model's hair.

It is perfection.

Where do you look for hair inspiration?

PS - Since we are talking J.Crew hair, I should mention that J.Crew is now offering 40%  off of their clearance section!


  1. I look through magazines and pinterest for hair inspiration. I love the hair!

  2. I LOVE her hair. It's seriously gorgeous. I'd love to hear how you intend to recreate the style for yourself {because then I could try too}. I've been thinking that it's about time I get my hair trimmed, and I was thinking that I would take this picture to my stylist, since I love Kendi's blog.

    And will you post pictures of your awesome new hairstyle? Pretty please?

  3. I am trying to grow out my hair too. What steps are you taking? I am avoiding the hair stylists who always cut off too much when I go to get split ends trimmed by just not getting my ends trimmed. I am conditioning it very well when I wash it and just hoping it will grow.

  4. I would LOVE to have curly hair and am thinking I'll do it after I have my second baby boy, as a little treat to myself. Is your hair naturally curly? Mine is pin straight, so I'm a little nervous to perm it: what I'm looking for are the loose wavy curls that J.Crew model has.
    PS: J.Crew is just perfection in general

  5. I recently moved too and the humidity has changed my hair. I also need some hair inspiration. Now that I am a mommy I'm trying to grow it out because I hate the idea of having a terrible mommy haircut.


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