Here are a few shots from this weekend. 

+ I wore this on Sunday
  (Pacsun Floral Shirt - $20 * Thrifted Skirt - $2 * Charlotte Russe Necklace - $8 * Thrifted J.Crew Gold Belt - $1.50)
+ Naked baby ready for a bath
+ Beautiful oak trees a few blocks from our house
+ South Texas weather makes peeptoes appropriate for every occasion
+ We decided to paint our walls on a whim this weekend
  (we went from a very warm tan to a grey + it already feels more like home)
+ Because we finally painted, I made the effort to start putting our things on the walls. I am loving it!
  (i love us print + SLC Temple print)

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  1. LOVE your outfit! I have a thrifted skirt that same color, I may try to track down that shirt! Do you have a link? Let me know! Thanks!

  2. @Tamara

    Unfortunately it sold out! I will look for a suitable alternative.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. It's not letting me post a comment to your Babble article "The Boy That Almost Crawls" so I'm putting it here for you:

    Hey, my daughter's almost 8 months old & hasn't crawled yet. In fact, I think she may be one of those babies that learns how to walk before they can crawl - she LOVES standing! My son crawled sometime between 5 and 9 months (right after her turned 9 months, he learned how to walk). Every baby is different, so don't despair, Madeline. I wonder when my girl is gonna walk and how it will compare to her brother's timeline...but it's not worrying me - after all, she's pretty much taken herself off baby food for the past couple days and her brother at baby food til he was closer to a year old (around 10 or 11 months, I think). So relax, and keep in mind that Tate will do everything in his own time - which is perfect for him. <3

  4. @Kellan, thanks for taking the time to comment! Babble is having some major issues tonight (I lost an entire post I wrote earlier this evening in the mess :( ... )

    Sometimes I wonder if Tate will be more excited about walking. I mean, he'll obviously crawl first, but he is already pulling himself up on furniture, and much happier standing than on his tummy.

    Didn't mean to sound as if I was too worried about it. I am letting it happen on his timeline. But it is easy to get caught up in milestone panic from time to time.

    Thanks again for leaving a comment all the way over here!!

  5. is that a sketched temple in that frame?! i LOVE that! can you please share where that is from?

  6. @jessica,

    Thanks for commenting!

  7. By the way, I only realized this week that you were LDS! As if I didn't already like you :)


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