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To those of you still reading, bless your heart. Seriously. I probably don't deserve your attention with my general lack of posting. 

This blog has been the casualty of my entire world flipping upside down. 

In the last year I 

had a baby, 
quit working, 
moved to a tropical climate, 
and started living on a grad student budget. 

For months I have found myself standing in front of my closet (and computer) feeling completely unsure. 

How do I flatter my postpartum body? 
How do I dress so I can easily nurse the babe? 
How do I write about buying clothes all day long when our new budget leaves nothing for new purchases? 
How do I translate my layers only wardrobe to a hot and sticky climate?

And as I have mulled over these questions, I have come to a realization. This blog has to change because my life has changed. 

In the new year, I plan to post way more than I did in 2011. But I also plan to shake things up. 

In 2012 look for:

Style Posts
Tutorials + Refashions
Outfits of The Day
Thrifting Tips + Tales
Budget Home Decorating + Projects
Bits + Pieces About Our Life + Doings in South Texas

What would you like to see more or less of in the coming year?




  1. Sounds fun. Cannot wait to read!

  2. I too am living on a graduate student budget! Thrifting and/or extra budget items would make my life very happy. :)

  3. Love the ideas! I was mourning your lack of posting just the other day and thought about volunteering to help! I'm in the same boat with a baby and nursing, and I would love to see your outfits! I want more YOU this year! So post about whatever excites YOU!!!

  4. Please no more pregnancy/babble posts! I started reading your blog BEFORE all that started and more or less stopped afterward. Obviously, I know your life has changed but I came to love your blog for what it was initially.

    Also, I feel your pain. I am also living on a student budget and it just plain stinks sometimes.

  5. All of the above. I've loved your blog all along but I think it's great to shake things up. What you have planned sounds great.

  6. Still here and excited to see the new direction! We are living on a grad school budget right now too so I understand it is difficult! I love to read about how other people make it through while still being stylish and comfortable. I would be extra excited to hear about Tutorials + Refashions, Thrifting Tips + Tales
    Budget Home Decorating + Projects.
    And of course, it is always fun to hear about the person behind the blog so,
    Bits + Pieces About Our Life + Doings in South Texas

    Have fun with the new changes! I am looking forward to them

  7. Good for you!! I'm excited to keep reading!

  8. All of the above sound great, especially because my life pretty closely mirrors your own. I've always been pretty tight with my money, and to be honest, even some of your Uber Cheap things were out of my self-imposed price limit. I enjoyed browsing, though. I went from teaching 6th grade to staying at home with our now 4-month-old son. My husband farms and we live in rural Missouri, so my world shrunk considerably. I also no longer have the excuse of work to buy new clothes. I'm a DIY/refashioner anyway, so I'd love to see more of that. I also really enjoy hearing about Tate and learning about what kind of mischief my own son will be up to in a few months. :) I began reading your blog before you announced you were pregnant, but I completely "get" the transformation. Life is just plain different after you have a baby, especially if you're a SAHM. Don't feel bad about changing this blog. It IS yours, after all.

  9. I started reading your blog specifically for your modest fashion sense and style ideas. I also just had a baby (3 weeks now) and I've already been implementing some of the ideas I've gotten from you on dressing for postpartum and nursing (blousy tops, etc). I definitely understand that your life has changed, but my two cents are to stick to the original essence of your blog and blog about fashion! I agree with another comment that the babble posts or home decor are not what I originally loved about your blog. I think you can still interject bits of yourself and your life into fashion posts.

  10. I think a blog should reflect who you are and your life. So if your life has changed a lot, your blog should too. Keep it up!

  11. This is your blog. It's your space. If you aren't enjoying the process of writing the way you used to for this blog, then don't. I don't think it will change the essence of your blog to implement the changes you've suggested, and I know for sure that if you don't shake it up you either won't post at all, or you'll resent the posts that you do put up, and that will definitely be reflected in your writing. You still love fashion, so keep writing about what inspires you now!

  12. I'm still reading, and I for one am super excited for the changes you have planned. Sounds like exactly the kind of blogs I love to read! Good luck and make sure you're having fun with it :)

  13. I'm having a baby next month, so I'd love to see how you can still look trendy (on a budget) and have a functional mom outfit. I love when you post your "this look for less" and I can't wait to see the daily outfits. As a texas girl transplanted to Colorado, I'm looking forward to your posts about Texas.

  14. Madeline,
    Your new struggles sound like the perfect fodder for your blog. There are so many people struggling with some of the same concerns/issues/overwhelming changes that would benefit from your take on handling the struggles you've mentioned. I can't wait to see what you bring us! Best wishes!

  15. Always have loved your blog. Glad you are back!

  16. I was doing a little HTML work for someone whose blog I love {wink!} and took a break to stop by and read some blog posts. I'm excited for you to take a big step and move your blog in a different direction! It seems brave! And I know so many bloggers have said that they did their best writing when they wrote about what they cared about, what was on their mind, etc.

    So honestly, some of these commenters have me a little irked with how they're responding to the changes in your blog -- I guess I'm getting somewhat defensive on your behalf. I think you should do what you love and what fits your life, and I'll be there every step of the way!

  17. Love your blog-- and I'm excited for whatever you write. :)

  18. I love reading your blog and it's just that-YOUR blog. Write what you want and feel like writing that day. If people don't want to read it, they don't have to. You have to write about what makes you happy and what you are experiencing or it will become a chore each day instead of something you want to do. Best wishes!

  19. Sounds great! I'll keep reading. I owe my cardigan obsession to you, so I'm loyal.

  20. I love this blog and think the change sounds wonderful! I will welcome it with open arms and am eagerly looking forward to seeing all the latest and greatest that you dig up!

  21. this sounds wonderful, and i honestly can't wait. you have such a midas touch about style, good writing, and design that i'm sure whatever you do will be golden. looking forward to reading! xoxoxo

  22. I am not usually one who comments. But I have to say, don't feel guilty about not blogging every day! I love your posts. I had a baby in April, and have been following you ever since. I think I googled "fashion blogs dealing with post-partum body" or something else in desperation! haha! I decided to stay at work, but if I didn't, I would be blogging, too. I am happy I stayed home, but I am envious of what you get to do. Thanks for the great deals! ;)

  23. I have to start out by saying how refreshing it is to hear your honesty in this post. I LOVE your site. After my daughter was born (she'll be 2 in march) it turned my world upside down too. I left my job as of May 2011 and(perusing my dream)I started my own business as a fashion consultant focusing on giving women a new appreciation and love for their body. Your blog has been a huge inspiration in taking that step. Please be kind to yourself. Looking forward to reading about your adventures and wonderful finds in 2012. xoxo

  24. I'm a new mom, too and always struggling with what to wear. Does it fit and can I nurse in it? Looking forward to seeing more of you!


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