Spied: Rio Blue High Waist Kickflare

This fall, I am really hoping to score an awesome pair of high waisted jeans. Not huge butt, mom jeans, but retro inspired awesome jeans. Like these:

Rio Blue High Waist Kickflare  - Asos - $26.51 (Orig. $64.03)

I think they are the picture of perfection. And they are by far the best looking option I have found under $50 (in this case way under $50).

And, Asos offers free standard shipping and returns. No minimum or code required. Pretty awesome huh?

What do you think? I would love to wear them with this outfit.


  1. Wow. I really love those. Have you bought clothes from ASOS before? Do they tend to run true to size?

  2. Very cute- I wonder the same as Courtney- how do they fit? At that price, I may have to snap some up!


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