Look for Less: Belstaff Air Bomber Jacket

I saw this look for less at Cheap Thrill, and thought I would share.

Belstaff® Air Bomber Jacket - J.Crew - $1,1950.00
PU Bomber - Delia's - $49.50

Obviously, the J.Crew option is real leather and the Delia's version is faux, but I quite like the cheaper option.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. great find! i really want to get a bomber jacket and eh yea.. i dont have $1950 laying around. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. $1200 bucks for a jacket? Oh goodness. I really like the Delia's version, though the color of the J.Crew jacket is gorgeous. So glad you're back! I've missed your posts :)

  3. Forever 21 has similar style too

  4. Ohmigosh, I wouldn't even dream of buying an article of clothing for $1200. I do like the color, but even the thought of wearing a jacket that expensive gives me anxiety for some reason haha. I'm totally down the Delia's...and I like that Forever 21 linked above a lot.

  5. I just looked at that jacket and now it says its on clearance for 29.99!

  6. I like the delia's jacket in ivory. I can't believe the jcrew jacket costs over $1000. sheesh, talk about a look for less.

  7. Very cute. I like the wider band at the bottom of the Delia's version.

  8. The J Crew jacket is more than my college tuition was back in 1989! Yikes!
    I do love the look of it, but seriously- if I spilled anything on it I think I'd have a heart attack.
    Thanks for showing a more realistic version! So cute!

  9. Love the moto leather jackets in camel, there is also a cute one over at Old Navy right now.


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