Friday Wishlist: Rust-Colored Full Skirt

Dear Forever 21,
It would be awesome if you carried all the items you use in your promos. I am completely in love with this  skirt and my heart broke a little bit when I realized that it isn't for sale. 

You should work on that,


  1. cute skirt! love forever 21, but personally i wish they'd offer a wider range of styles for plus sizes (and put that size range in all of their brick and mortar stores)...most of what they have right now in the plus department is kind of not my style.

    but as for that skirt....
    well, there's this:

    which i am sure will drop much lower, since talbots has amazing sales.

  2. Lots of time Forever 21 doesn't release the items on the promos until much later. I wanted a dress in the spring that was on the website header and I had to wait a month or two before it was carried online.

  3. This skirt looks easy enough to make out of a rust knit. I though I saw some at Joann's the other day. You could just make a simple circle skirt. :)

  4. such a cute skirt!! i actually just made one like that! same langth and material and everything but its a little more burnt orange then rust :)
    i have an etsy and i can custom make one for you? let me know if your interested :)

  5. Saw this skirt and thought of you! Not quite the same rust color as the F21, but close![212187|208660]&noOfRefinements=1

    I love Dorothy Perkins! I think I would buy up the whole site if I had the money :)

  6. I work at madewell and we have a similar one avalible

  7. I always think the same thing!! I clicked on that pic about 52 times hoping it would refresh & pop up... blah!

  8. Love that skirt. I hate false advertising.

  9. Don't they know I would rip that vest off her if I could?! I cannot find one like that for under $100...and my cheap bum was hoping for no more than $40! SIGH.


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