Asos Sale Picks

I have been vaguely aware of Asos for awhile. I really gave their products a good look when I was expecting and discovered their maternity line. Recently, I have been impressed with their ridiculously large clearance section. Here are my favorite finds:

1 - Jet Pocket Slim Cropped Pants - $36.59 (Orig. $69.52)
2 - A|Wear Angel Top - $27.44  (Orig. $54.89)
3 - Vero Moda Layered Chiffon Top - $21.95 (Orig. $36.59)
4 - Belted Kimono Top - $16.47 (Orig. $40.25)
5 - Smudge Floral Button Back Trapeze Top - $32.93 (Orig. $54.89)
6 - Exposed Zip Back Ponti Pencil Skirt - $27.44 (Orig. $54.89)

Have you ever shopped at Asos? What is your favorite pick? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. I found out about them when I was pregnant too. Love those mustard crop pants!

  2. Love love love the angel top! Great picks!


  3. I discovered them recently and just ordered from them last month. I loved their clearance section too! Not to mention free international shipping. Unfortunately the size conversions were tricky so I'd double check and compare your measurements with theirs before ordering.

  4. The clothes that you pick out look great on the models in the photos, but I can't wear any of that stuff and look normal. I'm not big--I'm 5'5 120, but I am very curvy (not curvy as in that just being a nice word for being heavyset--I am curvy as in I have a relatively small waist--24 inches--an ample bust--I'm a 34DD, and I have hips and thighs). I look ridiculous in skinny jeans because they accentuate my hips and thighs, but that seems to be the only popular choice in jeans these days. I am only 32 but feel like an idiot because I am still wearing boot cut jeans with heels. I can't wear the flowy tops that you show because my bust is too round for it to hang properly. Do you have any suggestions for curvy but not necessarily heavy girls?

  5. I loooovvvveeee ASOS. I actually just got those Mustard pants and love them. I foresee a long future for them in my closet :).

    I also LOVE their free shipping and returns. Honestly, that is the biggest appeal to me. I feel like I get so burned by other retailers policies, it makes me more reluctant to buy from them.

  6. I love #1 and #6. I made my first ASOS purchase recently and I was very impressed. I loved all the pieces I chose.

  7. in love with Asos as well! loving outfit #1!


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