Look for Less: Anthropologie Striped Open Cardigan

Rachel sent me this fantastic look-a-like a few weeks ago. She even remembered that I posted an inspired outfit including this striped cardigan last year.

Striped Drapey Cardigan - Anthropologie - $too much (sold out)
All That's Needed Cardigan - Modcloth - $29.99

There was actually a bit of a debate about the cardigan I posted in my inspired outfit. I am so pleased that Rachel found such a fantastic option (and at such a reasonable price too).

What do you think? Is this something you would wear? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. i love this cardi! the stripes are so pretty xoxo jcd

  2. I almost like the Modcloth one more

  3. I like the way anthro wears it, but the modcloth price is A LOT better

    Just Better Together

  4. So cute. I agree with Justine, I love the way Anthro wears it, but I am digging the price of the ModCloth. Just one more cardi to add to my long list of cardi wants :)

  5. what's the top UNDER the anthro one. it looks interesting too.

  6. They are very alike!
    This Anthro cardi actually went on sale twice. The last price listed was 19.99.. **sigh**

  7. Good (and bad) to know Nadja! I can always count on you to follow the sale section at Anthro :D


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