Christmas Wishlist

I have gathered a group of things I wouldn't mind finding under the tree this Christmas. You may notice the I am not asking for many things to wear, as I generally prefer to buy those things for myself.

Chunky Knit Marled Short Infinity Scarf - Charlotte Russe - $16.50
  • I think infinity scarves are genius, and this one seems particularly cozy.
Lungs | Florence + the Machine - Amazon - $8.98
  • If you have heard any bit of a Florence + the Machine song, you know how catchy and original they are. If you haven't, I suggest checking out Dog Days Are Over
Warm Vanilla Sugar Eau de Toilette - Bath & Body Works - $13.25 (Orig. $26.50)
  • I had a very difficult time transitioning from candy scented body sprays to perfume. I knew what I was wearing was a bit juvenile, but every perfume I tried smelled like an old woman to me. My husband bought me this scent last year, and it was just the thing. 
Matched | Ally Condie - Amazon - $10.52
Mid-Century Rocker - Urban Outfitters - $288.00
  • I have been searching high and low for a good looking rocking chair, which turns out to be quite the feat. This is on the pricey side of things, but as we already have many other baby needs taken care of (both my husband and I being the youngest in our families + have inherited so many wonderful pieces of furniture and other baby supplies), we have decided this can be our one splurge. We are planning to help pay for it with Christmas gift money from my mom (thanks again, Mom!) 
What are your Christmas must haves this year (realistic or not)? Leave your thoughts below.


Also, I wanted to share my favorite holiday song this year. It's a cover by Built for the Sea, and I can't stop humming it:


  1. That is a good looking rocking chair. :) Thanks for sharing this song. It's pretty. Merry Christmas!

  2. You will love that rocker. It looks so cozy and wide enough to sit cross-legged at night while feeding a baby. Quite comfy.

  3. Good call on Florence and the machine. I like you even better now! My favorite is "Kiss with a Fist".

    Also that is brilliant about the rocking chair! I had a hard time finding one with my baby too so I just got one at Goodwill and recovered it with new fabric. However, the uo one looks like a better option!

  4. i love love florence and the machine! my boyfriend actually told me about them before they had their big eat pray love hit... i like cosmic love. i would check out "two door cinema club" "miike snow" "local natives" if you havent already... all male lead vocals but great bands. xoxo jcd
    ps i love that rocking chair! so modern and comfy looking.

  5. love the song.

    i'd love some pleasures delight perfume. and a pair of born tall boots. don't expect either because it's between you, me and santa :o)

  6. I absolutely love that urban outfitters rocking chair! But...I'd think again. My husband and I love UO and we had our eye on that rocking chair for sometime (we just had a baby). Well, while browsing UO one day, I saw it and was so excited, to top it off it was on sale! I sat in it hoping it would be comfy and was sorely disappointed! It sits really low to the ground, doesn't rock very much, and isn't comfy at all. Not ideal to rock a baby anyway, put perfect for looks. Apparently someone had purchased it online and returned it in the store because they didn't like it. Even the discount didn't sell me on it. Just wanted to let ya know before you go dropping that kind of cash. But luckily, you can return it in the store if you decide to buy it and don't like it. Good luck!

  7. The chair is gorgeous! I hope it works for the baby room.

  8. Just stumbled across your blog and I love it! And I also love F&the Machine. My fav so far is Cosmic Love. I'll have to add that CD to my wishlist as well.

  9. wow, that's the most beautiful version "baby, it's cold outside." thanks for sharing!

  10. LOVE Florence and the machine :)

  11. That scarf looks so warm! And I love Florence + the Machine as well :) What a great blog you have, so much inspiration here!

    - the runaway

  12. Warm Vanilla Sugar is my absolute all time fave. Try the wall flowers from bath & body works in this scent and your whole house will smell lovely.


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