Last Minute Christmas Sales {Anthro + J.Crew}

There are so many sales going on this week (check chloe's list for them all). A few goodies are expiring soon. J.Crew's deal ends today, and I believe the Anthropologie's ends on the 22th.

Here are my favorite sale picks:

{Solid Eliza tee - $41.99 (Orig. $110.00)}
{Linley Chino - $27.99 (Orig. $79.50)}
{Dazzling Deer Art Tee $17.49 (Orig. $39.50)}

And my favorite Anthro finds:

{Sidespun Tee - $37.49 (Orig. $88.00)}
{Cyclorama Jacket - $59.96 (Orig. $158.00)}
{Hindsight Cardigan - $52.46 (Orig. $98.00)}

What do you think? Are either of these deals enough to get you to bite? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. I finished all of my Christmas shopping Saturday morning, so I'm done shopping.

    I like the Anthro cardigan, but I don't like it enough to bite.

  2. Love love love your picks, especially the first J. Crew top & the first two from Anthro! Seriously, that jacket looks amazing. I've been keeping my money mostly for maternity clothes, but I did snag a statement necklace from Anthro with the 25% off promotion, just to keep being pregnant fun. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Argh... Too bad the sidespun tee isn't in my size anymore! I loved it, but wouldn't cough up the $88 for it, just because it was such a simple knit!

  4. Yes, just ordered the sidespun Tee and another shirt that wasn't on Sale but oh well-Merry Christmas to me.

  5. I really like the jacket. It's not in my budget now, but I wish it was.

  6. acck your blog is fabulous!! How did I not find it until now?! I've added you to my sidebar!!

  7. Oh yes...I've been keeping my eye on that Hindsight Cardigan. Time to buy!

  8. these are all so fabulous! Holiday sales are always so much fun!


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