This Week

This week was a tough one - maybe one of the hardest weeks of my life. Miss Simone went from having a cold to being taken to the emergency room with pneumonia. We happened to be visiting family in Wyoming when she was at her worst. We stayed 2 days in the hospital 6 hours from home. Luckily she improved enough for us to drive back to Utah. She's still on oxygen but I am hoping beyond hope that she will be taken off before the weekend begins. If you want to read more about our weekend, check my instagram.

Here are a few links to take you into the weekend:

I think this Anthro dress is pretty fantastic (and such a great price!)
These pants might be the perfect thing for spring.
Did you pick your favorite glasses frames for me? These are my fave.
I am loving this contrast blouse.
I think these pastel picks for spring are perfection.
Is it too early to get excited about wearing sandals?
I have been rewatching this show and still can't believe it was cancelled.

We are definitely taking it easy this weekend. What about you?


  1. So glad she's doing better! And so glad for you that this week is almost over! Have a good weekend!

  2. I'm glad she's better. And I love how chubby she is.:)

  3. That is so scary! Sending extra love your way.


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