Hello: Sheinside

I always love to stumble on new fashionable shops with great prices. I recently found Sheinside, and wanted to share some of my favorite things with you. 

1 - White Long Sleeve Floral Pockets Blouse - $23.57
2 - Navy Contrast Collar Short Sleeve Bead Blouse - $20.48
3 - Black Long Sleeve Leaves Print Dipped Hem Blouse - $12.89 (Orig. $26.24)
4 - Black White Plaid Long Sleeve Woolen Coat - $36.90 (Orig. $43.89)
5 - Blue Long Sleeve Epaulet Drawstring Trench Coat - $31.15
6 - Yellow Bowknot Front H-line Simple Wool Blend Coat - $33.06 ($43.99)
7 - White Contrast Leather Cuff Zipper Pockets Coat - $45.26
8 - Blue Long Sleeve Geometric Print Pockets Blouse - $22.64
9 - Turquoise Collarless Dipped Hem Long Sleeve Blouse with Front Pocket - $19.99 (Orig. $28.48)
10 - Blue Long Sleeve Floral Chiffon Blouse - $20.79

And to top it off they offer free shipping on all orders! Make sure to check them out.


  1. I love this shop!! They have so many cute things for such great prices!! Only thing is they take for-ever to ship!! I think I waited about a month for some items I ordered :(

  2. I wanted to love Sheinside. But then it took over a month to get what I ordered. When I opened it up, there was a huge stain on the lace shirt. Also, returns are not easy. Stick with ASOS


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