A Picture is Worth {No. 1}

By fashion contributor Mary.

Hi, everyone! I'm so excited to be writing regularly here on Über Chic as a fashion contributor. Pinterest is one of my very favorite ways to waste what free time I have, so it seemed only fitting to use Pinterest as a starting point for the posts I'll be writing for Madeline. Every Wednesday I'll pick an image that I think is sartorially inspiring, and then show you how to can recreate the same feel for as little money as possible.

This first image features a top from Hackwith Design House. It's an absolutely gorgeous top, simple and flowy and flattering, but it also costs $135, and it's sold out.

For less than the price of the Hackwith top, you can get a similar outfit. Bonus: all of these pieces are classic and would work in an endless combination of looks:

hat || jeans || shoes
top {other options: one, two, three}
pendant {but my heart belongs to this one}
tote {I also love this one}

What do you think? Is this something you would wear? Have you found anything inspiring on Pinterest lately?

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