Sale: 30% Off J.Crew Factory

Not only is J.Crew having a sale, but so is J.Crew Factory. All final sale items are an extra 30% off. Here are my favorite finds (there are some good ones).

1 - Clare Cardigan in Polka Dot - $27.99 (Orig. $74.50)
2 - Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton - $24.49 (Orig. $75.00)
3 - Charley Sweater in Candy Stripe - $24.49 (Orig. $59.50)
4 - Garment-Dyed Skinny Jean - $31.49 (Orig. $89.50)
5 - Draped Shirtdress - $27.99 (Orig. $89.50)
6 - 10" Bermuda Short - $20.99 (Orig. $46.50)
7 - Clare Cardigan in Watercolor Floral -- $27.99 (Orig. $74.50)
8 - Printed Pencil Skirt in Stretch Cotton - $34.99 (Orig. $85.00)
9 - Clare Cardigan in Hearts - $24.49 (Orig. $75.00)

Don't forget to enter GETMORE at check out for the discount.

I am loving all of the cardigans, especially 7 & 9. What about you?


  1. The code didn't work for me. I placed my order anyway and emailed customer service, so hopefully they'll apply it to my order. I just had to have those jeans! Thanks for the heads up on the code. Hope it works for others.

    1. That's so frustrating! I hope customer service gets back to you ASAP.

    2. Yes it is! The most annoying part is that this exact same thing happened just a few days ago with Gap. After quite a few emails back and forth with them though, they corrected the issue. Still waiting on a response from J. Crew though. Maybe it's a sign I should stop shopping online :)

    3. I heard back from customer service. It was my fault :( It wasn't a "Final Sale" item, so the discount didn't apply.

    4. Oh no! I think it's my affiliate link. There is a colored skinny on final sale, but my link went to the wrong one. I'm so sorry!

      Here is the final sale option

  2. I love the floral cardigan! Maybe in another life... it's only available in extra-extra-small! ; )


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