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Maybe it says something about me {or about my friendship with Madeline? or about our mutual obsession with clothes?} that the first thing I did after I knew she was pregnant was window shop for maternity clothes online. I found myself seriously impressed with Gap's maternity line this season. So bright and cheerful! So many adorable patterns!

I like the clothes even more than their non-maternity items, as a matter of fact. {Leaving me very jealous of Madeline and her baby bump; I've only ever bought maternity clothes in the fall and winter, and the only options available were very muted and drab.} Check out these outfits and let me know if you agree:

Outfit 1: sweater | dress | bag | shoes
Outfit 2: jacket | top | jeans | shoes
Outfit 3: sweater | shirt | pants | shoes
Outfit 4: scarf | tee | bag | jeans | shoes

P.S. You can get 25% off your Gap order {or 35% off your order of $100 or more} from now until Saturday with the coupon code GAPMORE.

P.P.S. I'd like to give Gap a virtual high five for using models that are actually pregnant on their site; it's much harder to tell how maternity clothes are going to fit when you can only see them on fake bumps before purchasing.

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  1. Those floral pants are amazing! I am still making my non-maternity floral pants work, but I know it's not a long term solution. You are seriously tempting me!

  2. so agree! i am loving their maternity jeans. super comfy and don't break the bank for the short wear they'll get.

  3. Those floral pants are to die for! Love! I will be stalking them for a good sale (hopefully)!


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