Spied: Floral Tailored Ankle Pant

I took a quick stroll through Target today (such a dangerous thing to do when on a budget) and I couldn't help but admire some of the pretty things I saw. I was especially drawn to the pretty prints. This floral is to die for:

Merona Tailored Ankle Pant w/ Belt - Prints - Target - $27.99

Here are a few other pretty things I spotted (all under $30)

What do you think? Would you wear this print?


  1. I LOVE those pants. They remind me of the MegaFlora Charlie Trousers from anthropologie, but the Target ones are so much prettier in my opinion.

    1. Oh yeah, I definitely like these better than the Anthro ones!

  2. Those are so beautiful! The many colors will just about fit 5 different colored tops. Great find!

  3. I bought these and love them! I'm a shorty so I had to hem them to make them the right length on me, but they're great!

  4. Love this print, too. I saw the same print on everything from purses to tops to dresses at Target. I just hope it doesn't get over saturated, kwim? I'd hate to run into someone wearing the same p

  5. i have these!! and the dress and the laptop case, i love this print!

  6. I have these pants! I styled them recently on my blog - they are just so much fun!


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