Thrift: Striped Boatneck Tee

Thrift stores in small towns are a whole different beast. They have their drawbacks to be sure. My local thrift store is open Wednesday through Saturday from the incredibly inconvenient hours of 9am-2pm. This has actually not really been a problem for me, but if I were still working it would drive me completely nuts. But let me tell you a secret about small town thrift stores, the prices are really good. Shirts are $1, skirts are $2, shoes are $1.50. This is the stuff budget dreams are made of.

I spotted this shirt before Christmas and was immediately drawn to it. I am, of course, a sucker for stripes. But I also really liked the boat neckline and shoulder detail. It was also clear that the shirt was well-made, didn't require an undershirt, and would never pill.

thrifted shirt - $1 | similar dress | similar shirt
payless pumps - $7 | similar here | and here

Unfortunately it fit me a little weird at the bust/armpits. So, I deconstructed the shirt, trimmed a few places, and put it back together again.

This shirt is a major player in my wardrobe these days.

Have you thrifted anything lately? What are the prices like at your local thrift store?

Leave your thoughts below.


  1. that is really awesome! I wish I knew how to run my sewing machine, I have a lot of things that could use some re-inventing.

  2. Ahh, so cute, I love stripes! I live in Boston so the prices around here are definitely a little more at the thrift stores. Some places are very high (to me) since they sell designer type clothing. I just found one where everything like was priced the same, 8 for all jeans, 8.50 for dresses, 5 for shirts etc... It can be a good deal if you find something great, but lately I have been wanting to hit up some 1 and 2 dollar deals! :)

  3. Very cute. I just bought a cure boatneck stripe tee at old navy. I will not be redoing it though. I has cute buttons that I cannot bear to remove. Plus, I cannot sew.

  4. good find! i'm impressed you took it apart and then put it back together again. i'm not that confident in my cutting/sewing abilities yet.

  5. Oh my goodness girly, you look stinking hot! Seriously! Way to make that $1 work for you! I love that you even took it apart to make it the perfect fit... MAN I need a sewing machine!

  6. Um, I LOVE your outfit. The coral shoes make it. And that tee fits you perfectly -- would you mind going into a little more detail and sharing exactly how you did it? I'd love a tutorial.

    P.S. You have the Forever 21 modeling-a-top pose down!

  7. wow what a wonderful idea! I have a shirt just like that and can't wait to try it out!

    Much love from a new follower over here:


  8. This is a GREAT shirt! I'm totally impressed.

  9. love this! i have been showing off my thrifted outfits every wednesday for a while now ( we have a goodwill outlet in st. louis that i visit once a week. it's only $.89 a pound!!

    i wish i was better with my sewing machine. you are such an inspiration!

  10. Love your shirt!
    I have a pair of light gold colored flats that are one of my favorites but they are pretty trashed because I wear them so much. I went to DI the other day and they had the EXACT pair (a bit brighter gold) in my size brand new. Definitely a good find.
    I'm in Provo so I feel like the prices around here are usually too high. I would love to have prices as low as your thift store!

  11. very cute shirt and good on ya for the alteration (I would buy so much more secondhand if I could sew!). I haven't been to the thrifts lately, but I've been itching to. I've yet to find an awesome and cheap place in my new town, though. I should look harder!

  12. I love your site. Your so thrifty and cool! I love not paying a lot for clothes, but I love to look cute . I'm so busy I don't even get a chance to shop so I love your transparency on where you get your things.


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