Review: Jem Apparel Maxi Dress

Jem Apparel, a long time sponsor, sent me this beautiful cobalt blue wide-strap maxi dress a few weeks ago.

This is my first maxi dress, and after living 6 months in a hot humid climate, I can tell you it won't be my last.

The bust is a wee bit small for the enlarged size of my nursing bust, but other than that, I seriously adore it. Due to the hot and sticky nature of my climate, I will probably be altering the neckline and sleeves so layering is not necessary when the summer heat is upon me.

Are you a maxi fan? Any styling tips you want to share?

And make sure to check out all the goodies at Jem Apparel!

Happy Shopping.


  1. Love that color on you! Last summer I bought a demi-tee from DownEast and it is fantastic for just this kind of dress (and for nursing). Love it! Isn't it sad to be gearing up for summer in February?

  2. I really like this dress. I think it looks great on you! Maxi dresses are so easy and chic.

  3. I am a HUGE maxi dress fan. It's so easy to layer, belt, etc. Love the cobalt blue.

  4. I could live my whole life in maxi dresses... if I weren't nursing, and if I didn't have to layer. Last summer I made myself a dress from scratch with a higher neckline and sleeves, but it was time-consuming and fairly challenging. But I saw this idea for re-purposing a shirt into a maxi dress, and I think it's divine! As soon as I'm done nursing I'm going to make myself a closet full of these:

  5. That is darling. I am totally with you on making things so you don't have to layer them.

    You're making me think I could possibly be brave enough to try a maxi dress.


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