Hair Inspiration: Elegant Low Buns

As much as I love the high bun, I have a soft spot for a low slung style. I think a little more finesse is required to make it look polished, but when done right, they are super chic.

What do you think? Where are you looking for hair inspiration lately?


  1. So pretty. I think they are easier to get away with than the high least on me.

  2. Wish my hair was long enough to do any of these....

  3. wow very pretty thanks for the links:)

  4. nice! my hair right now is an EMO hair.
    I have to do my hair differently every week for not getting tired of the same thing.
    Greentings from Spain!

  5. gorgeous and simple . a great combination . thanks

  6. This is simply lovely.I like the style of the hair and I will refer this to my friend. Thanks.


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