Weekend Round-Up

This week's retail info to share:

Charlotte Russe is offering free sunglasses to Seventeen Magazine readers. The story is you just have to take in the cover of the magazine or a print out of the Seventeen Magazine home page. Read all the details here.

I recieved an email from Uptown Cheapskate, containing this coupon:

{Click on the coupon to print it full-size}

The GAP Inc. Family has a new addition, it's called Athleta.

"Feminine, performance-driven apparel that transcends sport into all your casual adventures"

The stuff isn't "cheap", like $35 for a tee? I mean, you can get something at J.Crew for less than that. But, it's an interesting concept, and maybe they will have good sales.

As a side note, the premium coupons are back up at Old Navy Weekly. The site was refreshed last night. They have gotten much trickier with their coupon hiding (not that I didn't know how to get the coupon, the rolling ball was just moving SO fast!). Some of the lesser coupons are still available if you want to go grab one.

Does anyone have any retail information to share? Please leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. That dang ball was fast. I was bitter all night about that one! Baby Gap has an additional 25% off their sale items this weekend in store (no coupon necessary) and online with code BABY.


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