I just found this very cool website, Academichic, via Stuff Under Twenty. According to the site, it's run by, "Three feminist PhD candidates at a Midwest university, on a crusade against the ill-fitting polyester suit of academic yore."

They are constantly updating the site with ideas on how to create interesting outfits. But, the outfits that stood out to me most were those showing being pregnant, and looking ridiculously fabulous. Seriously, if I look this good when I am pregnant, somebody better take note, I am expecting a party or a medal of honor. Find all sorts of inspiration on how to dress that gestating body of yours here.

The great part is that she is mixing many of her regular pieces with maternity pieces to create these outfits. And I love love love the belting. She's following Stacy and Clinton's rule of belting at the smallest part of her middle. I am so inspired, and relieved that it is possible to look this amazing while pregnant!

This post is dedicated to Erin and Sara and any other pregnant readers I have!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Creating!


  1. Wow, what a cool site! Thanks for doing the research for us! Hopefully I won't need any of these ideas for a long time, but it's fun to think differently about what I wear.

  2. How long? haha. I am SO kidding. The site is full of good ideas for those incubating fetuses and us regular folk alike.

  3. Wow, thanks, Madeline for your kind words! I am going to have to try and get my husband to give me a medal of honor or something now :) And thanks for noticing the belting. It's funny how my belts have migrated north as my belly has grown, but I, too, was a little surprised that the whole WNTW belting mantra could still hold true while I'm preggers!

  4. this doesn't apply to me now, but i'm taking note for the day it will. these outfits are too cute.

  5. Thanks for the post! It is nice to see someone pregnant and get ideas from them. It's hard to fight the urge to give up and just start wearing big ugly clothes.


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