Mix-It Up

I like the idea of pairing a higher quality piece of clothing with bargain finds. It creates an interesting mix. Here's an example (ringing in at $98.28):

Stones & Jewels Necklace - $6.80 from Forever 21

Deep V Sweater - $11.50 from Forever 21

Stretch Satin Pencil Skirt - $49.99 (orig. $88.00) from J.Crew

Coral Platform Pump - $29.99 from Target

This beautiful skirt is on sale over at J.Crew (and is also available in champagne and navy, but maybe you guessed that I prefer the slate.)

I love the unexpected combo of yellow and coral (and how amazing are those shoes?)

What do you guys think? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. I love this combo! I wouldn't have thought to put the yellow and coral together. And you're really getting me hooked on gray. I used to not think anything of it, but now I think it's fabulous.

  2. i like it a lot. and i'm with you on pairing one really quality piece with several cheaper ones. it makes the whole outfit look more expensive. love the shoes!

  3. Amanda- I am glad I have converted you an gray. If I get one person on team gray, I consider myself a success!

    Megan- What a great thought. I love the idea of one piece elevating the rest of what you are wearing.


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