Must Have: Asos Modest Skirts

Hi guys, I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately. It's been an intense couple of months. We are staying with family until the house we are buying closes and it's been hard to find the time and motivation to post regularly.

I did want to share some of my favorite knee length skirts at ASOS right now.

1 - Pencil Skirt with Neon Embroidery - $37.97 (Orig. $75.94)
2 - Column Skirt in Candy Stripe - $36.28 (Orig. $60.75)
3 - Midi Skirt in Texture - $35.44 (Orig. $50.63)
4 - Pencil Skirt in Mirror Floral Placement Print - $18.56 (Orig. $37.13)
5 - Midi Skirt in Ponte with Pocket Detail - $47.25
6 - Wiggle Skirt in Baroque Print - $32.06 (Orig. $64.13)
7 - Midi Skirt in Geo Tile Print - $32.91 (Orig. $47.25)
8 - Midi Skirt in Texture - $41.35 (Orig. $59.07)
9 - Pencil Skirt in Floral Jacquard - $40.50 (Orig. $67.50)
10 - Pleated Midi Skirt in Floral Print - $33.75 (Orig. $67.50) {also available in plus}
11 - Pencil Skirt in Paisley Print - $30.38 (Orig. $60.75)
12 - Midi Skirt in Oriental Print - $37.97 (Orig. $75.94)

Don't forget that ASOS offers free shipping and returns on all orders.


  1. Hey,
    beautiful skirts! :)

  2. i love asos forever and ever. and i love midi skirts too. i just wish they looked better with flats (i'm not much of a heels girl). but, speaking of heels, the heels in number 9 are amazing.

    1. I totally agree about midis and flats. It's even worse when you are a midget like me. I love me some heels, if only they were practical while pregnant with a toddler.


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