Postpartum Style: Bridget

Today's postpartum post is from Bridget of tales of me and the husband.  She lives in the Boston area with her husband Steve, their five kids, + yellow lab. 

hey everyone!  and thanks madeline for having me!!!

here's me and the wee one that made my body all sorts of funky. whatever parker!

postpartum style.  what a whammy.  here's the thing:  you get pregnant (weee!), you carry said child for nine months give or take, then you give birth, ruin (albeit temporarily... one hopes!) your nether regions and, oh wait!, your boobs follow shortly thereafter.  and you've got this funny misshapen belly to tend to and figure out how to make look less jello-y until your body decides (if it ever decides!) to suck it back in and make it behave.

ohhhh joy!

alright, jokes aside, the whole birthing experience is bonkers.  up there i sound a little on the debbie downer side, but really, i loved the whole thing.  i do recall, however, hating every stitch of clothing i put on myself afterwards.  and just feeling all around sort of ughhhhh.  nothing fit right, nothing i wanted to wear was nursing friendly, boobs leaked, on and on, so on and so forth.

so, i do have a few keepers to share that hopefully aren't old hat to you but there's a goooood chance they are.  i carry on regardless!

// maxi skirts!!!  this one is simple, a perfect color, a perfect shape, a perfect price.  and all that ruching--take that, jello-belly!  (and ignore that stupid model's stomach up there.  whatever windsor store.  just wait till she has a baby.)

// long, drapey sweaters!  they're quite forgiving on our female form and, bonus, double as nursing covers when out and about (i'm anti true "nursing covers" but that is a story for another day.).  i want this sweater, baby or no baby, nursing or no nursing.

// i fear i'm back in 1920 and at risk for sounding a little like, "back in the kitchen, woman!  make me a sandwich!" but lipstick.  lipstick goes a long way.  don't fear the lipstick.  days when you're just feeling all tired and puffy and bleck, a bit of bright color on the lips makes a world of a difference.  and nars, i hate to say it, is worth the money.  roman holiday is one of my faves.

so that is it.  don't fret, post-partum mother, things do jiggle less as time goes on and you feel more yourself and less cow-like, i promise!!!

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  1. Bridget looks amazing! I hope I look that great after baby. Great advice for some key items.


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