Must Have: Old Navy Bermudas

This summer has been particularly difficult for finding knee length shorts. I was really happy to see that Old Navy had a good selection (at good prices):

1 - Canvas Bermudas (10")
2 - Sweetheart Bermuda Shorts
3 - Rockstar Denim Bermudas (11 1/2")
4 - Sweetheart Denim Bermudas (12")
5 - Maternity Demi-Panel Denim Bermudas
6 - Flirt Bermuda Shorts

I'm partial to #3 & #6. What's your favorite pair?


  1. I have #4 in the dark-wash (never could find a pair of the whites that fit me, weirdly), and I LOVE them. The best shorts I've owned since high school.

  2. I loved #4 but tried them on and they did NOT look like that! I had major success finding shorts at Shopko (you can hit it up when you are back in Utah!) and also at Kohls. But I feel your pain. Long shorts are one of the hardest.


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