Spied: River Island Tattoo Print Midi Dress

After I moved to a warmer and more humid climate, I started really seeing the appeal of dresses and skirts as part of my every day rotation. Nothing is easier than throwing on a simple jersey dress and shoes.

I am head over heels for this simple sheath. The proportions are perfect.

River Island Tattoo Print Midi Dress - ASOS - $29.70 (Orig. $42.42)

ASOS has quite a few modest dresses under $50 right now.
Here are a few good ones:

Shift Dress In Blue Floral Print (more than half off!)

As always, I am super impressed with ASOS's selection.
Don't forget they offer free shipping on everything. 


  1. the pattern on this dress is stunning. I wonder if it's comfy too .
    Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  2. Perfect price and love the detailed pattern!

  3. How cute! I can't wait to be not-nursing so I can wear dresses again!

  4. ASOS is always so overwhelming to me, but I can always count on you to find the good stuff!


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