Postpartum Style: Anna

Our next postpartum style post is from Anna, of In Honor of Design.

She is the mother of two sweet little ones and is expecting her third this summer. She writes about fashion, design, lifestyle, and the adventures of motherhood.

After we have a baby, there are many emotional highs and lows. Often times our body image contributes to this as well! Its important to be forgiving of your post baby shape and also wear forgiving clothes! This doesn't mean you have to compromise style along the way though. Here's a few tips that have helped me with my post partum time!

1) Avoid pieces that are too snug, and go for the feminine and flowy. This is almost a fool proof method for every shape. For instance, you can wear a form fitting top that starts to flow below the bust for a piece that is much more flattering to your figure and forgiving around the waistline. Depending on your shape you can also try an item that is shaping around the waist and flows around the hips.

2) Pay attention to where you wear your prints. Fun colors and patterns don't need to be avoided altogether, just make sure they aren't happening around the wrong places. For instance, you can find a bold dress where the print runs across the bottom trim, and the solid colors run across your waist and hips. This draws attention away from areas that are still recovering from baby!

3) Choose the right fabrics! I went though a cotton jersey skirt phase until I realized it really hugs all the wrong places, and is severely unflattering. Oops. Its amazing what a good sheer based material can do on the other hand. Work that with the flow of tip #1 and you have got yourself a stunning look:)

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  1. What a great post, Anna. You have such amazing style, pregnant and not.


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